Why its OK to be two-faced

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Sometimes its just not kosher to express the messy chaotic wild beast of a goddess that you are because yeah people do judge you and sometimes the world it counting on you to hold your shtuff together.

We all have many faces and ways of being and that's great! Unless its not 😬

There's a difference between allowing yourself to be who you want and changing yourself for others. Are you dressing up just to make other people have a higher opinion of you?

Do you fake your smile and say you're "really busy" when you feel depressed and know you haven't quite prioritized your life well?

It's not that it's bad if you do these because we all do that to a certain degree. And by no means am I saying you should divulge your deepest secrets to just anyone.

The question is...Are you able to feel free inside yourself in any situation regardless of how you appear?

Inner freedom is true #enlightenment

But how do we get there?

I'm asking just as much as I'm also teaching because this sense of #freedom is a life #practice.

Start with awareness. Choose, no matter how hard it is or how justified it appears, to pick thoughts that create more ease in you.

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