Loving your life will change the world

This is me

Here I am.

Holistic Health Educator, Spiritual Guide, Nature enthusiast, Lover and...

What I want more than anything is to make an impact, a ripple, a butterfly effect...

One that makes life more ahhmazing!

I believe that when we are in love with our body and who we are our life has unlimited possibilities and potential. And that's what makes me want to wake up in the morning. 


I am blown away by what happens when we allow ourselves to get out of the way and just observe without judgment. A space where silence meets creation. Where we are open and alchemy becomes real.

I'm interested in the unraveling of our hearts and minds. In the ecstatic consumption of ways we may own our personal power. I am motivated by my unjaded belief that we can create a world where the majority are awake, aware and connected.

At times I am a lazy yogi, a spiritual junkie, a self-help queen and overly passionate about my newest infatuation or hobby cause on some level I think I should and can change the world....but not on my own.

I support the reduction of waste. Less wasted time, energy, material, money, moments.... And I crave more than most things deep intentional conversation and connection. I know that if we all took actions that align us with our truth consistently this would all be second nature.

I love so richly that many days I have been consumed by my tears. I just feel and want soo much more for you, for me, for the earth....

I think personal responsibility is entirely misunderstood and that community is the key to healing almost all world issues. I sincerely believe that if we are connected to ourselves we can not help but feel connected to the earth and all sentient beings. And that's what keeps me alive and wanting to be more.

I crave dance, prayer, a community of like-hearted souls, sacred sex, intimacy, the sensual pleasures of living in a body, the expansion of my soul. Creativity and communion feed me.

I've been a true wildly romantic gypsy of a soul with a tinge of badass spiritual gangsta and a dap of total geek. Whom I show up as today has everything to do with where my heart is at.

* My professional experiences are as such:

  • I am proudly self-taught and practiced in natural healing and nutrition which has included intensive study, countless hours, and lots of trial and error for over 2 decades. 

  • My studies included: nutrition through food and supplements, weight management, herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essence therapy, natural skincare, hormonal balancing, meditation, yoga, reiki and other energy healing modalities, mindfulness, self-help everything, crystal healing, soul realignment, and the akashic records, etc....

  • My first paying client was when I was 20. She was a doctor which both intimidated me and validated my wealth of knowledge. 

  • I went to school with lots of ambitions for way too long because I resisted being good enough in any field.

  • I have had the blessing of endless travels while being a spiritual teacher and holistic health and yoga chic for over a decade. I healed a lot of my self during these times.

  • I had the gift of experiencing a real-world old school apprenticeship with Paul Pitchford the author of Healing with Whole Foods. And this is where I learned how to combine Chinese medicine theory with ayurvedic principles into my holistic health coaching practice which I still implement to this day. 

  • I've taught and lead workshops that have as few as 3 people to hundreds at a time. Leading live meditation and yoga for the Bonnaroo music festival was one of the most difficult and fun.

* Jump to now:

I finally made the leap to being a full-time Holistic Health Coach and Spiritual Mentor. I run my business to make actual money. Every week is a new journey and challenge. I am facing my comfort zone and growing all the time. Sometimes that is entirely exhausting but I'm continually motivated and inspired through my engagement with clients and nature. I believe I CAN make my vision and dream really happen as long as I take it one day at a time. As of current, my favorite part of every week is when my clients have their big AHHA moments and I get to celebrate them into new ways of being alive and in love!

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