I’ve lost 28 pounds in 3 months without depriving myself or being hungry. And it’s all just a part of my lifestyle. I could do this forever.
~Health Client, Boulder, CO


Daniel R.

I have been blessed to have an opportunity to work with Catrina as my life coach and nutritionist for 5 months. In that time, she has done nothing short of help me transform my life.

Through her visionary insights as well as her compassionate guidance and encouraging coaching, I have been able to change my diet to incorporate more of what my body wants and my spirit needs. Catrina has given me the tools and has helped me find the way towards better health, more energy and improved fitness performance.

More importantly, Catrina has given me a reason to hope for and work towards a better life. After each session with her, I feel energized and better able to confront my personal challenges and life’s demands. I would highly recommend Catrina for anyone seeking better health, clear and useful life guidance and increased physical/fitness performance. Further, I would recommend her for anyone just interested in feeling better.

Catrina is not just an extraordinary coach, she is an amazing individual who can help you change your life for the better.

Catrina is a nutritional genius.
~Health Client, Boulder, CO

Vanessa M.

After my first consultation with with Catrina I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. I was looking for support to help me achieve health goals that I thought were unattainable. Catrina was able to provide me with all the tools I needed. I felt nurtured and listen to and am on a road to well being success that I never thought possible.

It is wonderful to have new methods on how to choose the food that is best for me.  I know now that I can use my food as medicine too.  This  is also very realistic program that does not require you to be too crazy with eating only super healthy food.

Luis F. Clemente

The meals are quite yummy! Catrina is super knowledgeable and always listens to hear the root of my concerns. I would say that you cant even imagine how great this organic healthy lifestyle can be. All the things you will learn are sure to change you forever!

Catrina is a well informed instructor who keeps your interest with dynamic group discussion and an informal hands on approach.
~Valerie M.

Sam G.

I loved the ability to ask my specific questions. I loved learning how to cook new foods. It was great to learn about some specific foods and what they do for my body. Plus, the book recommendations were amazing! This is truly and investment in your body that can not be taken away from you. Clothes can get ruined but this knowledge STAYS!

In just three weeks, my three years of chronic yeast infections have stopped as the result of your advice and recommendations. My doctor had no idea how my body could have had such a rapid change!
~Health Client, Boulder, CO

Emilie Walker

This perspective on health is an entirely different, inspiring, and reachable perspective that feels sooo natural and intuitive. I love all the information and tips on nutrition. This is a transformative and necessary education.

You’ve got to take this program and learn a different way to see the world of food and health.  I just loved learning about cooking and the relationship between foods and health!
~MariaPaz H.