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Improve Your Health. Transform Your Life.

Get your personal roadmap to being the healthiest & happiest person you know!

One Month Coaching Package$549

  • Two 1-hour private sessions
  • Email support for 1 month
  • Full set of notes and recommendations
  • Personalized book and food recommendations
  • Worksheets and handouts sent straight to your inbox

Sessions must be completed within 1 month
Additional follow-ups: $189/session
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Three Month Coaching Package$1008

  • Twelve 45-min private sessions
  • Empowering action steps at the end of each session
  • Email support for 3 months
  • Personalized book and food recommendations
  • Worksheets and handouts sent straight to your inbox

Sessions must be completed within 3 months
Additional follow-ups: $189 $108/session
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Get all the information, tools and confidence you need to bring your body, mind, and lifestyle into an exceptional state of balance and harmony so you can heal and transform into the radiance you are!


Together we will uncover the truths of what nourishes you. We will create a map for your journey of abundant health. What you eat, is what your body becomes.  How your body functions is how your mind thinks.  What your mind thinks is how your life plays out.

You know yourself better than anyone else on the planet.  Through you, we will reveal your bodies’ truths about food, your obstacles to success and how to overcome them, what forms of nourishment your craving to incorporate into your lifestyle, and supplementary tools to assist you in your growth and development.

With personal health coaching the focus is 100% on you!

Each session is designed to suit your personal needs and concerns at the time and make you feel wonderful about you. Comfort, fun, celebration, freedom to express yourself and be who you really are while learning all about you.

Each coaching session begins with a review, and ends with a full set of notes, recommendations, and my favorite part… an inspiring personalized exercise or challenge!

Vanessa M.

After my first consultation with with Catrina I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. I was looking for support to help me achieve health goals that I thought were unattainable. Catrina was able to provide me with all the tools I needed. I felt nurtured and listen to and am on a road to well being success that I never thought possible.

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