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Breakfast Scramble

breakfast scrambleA simple, healthy, high protein breakfast that is so tasty you may want to eat it for dinner too! This meal will never be the same twice so savor every bite.


Directions:Crumble your base and cook it in ghee or olive oil on medium heat about 5 minutes. Add chopped or grated veggies. Flavor as desired after veggies are lightly cooked (i.e. still crisp but softer and brighter). Put on a topping and place a lid on the scramble to soak in more of the flavor while you heat or toast your grain. Be grateful and enjoy!



  1. Pick base: tempeh, sprouted tofu (1 full package)
  2. Pick veggies: carrots, onions, spinach, olives, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, kale, chard, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, bok choy, cabbage ( if your really short on time just use a bag of frozen veggies) and use as many as you want but at least 2 cups chopped!
  3. Flavor: with salt, pepper, soy sauce or shoyu to taste. And then add  1/2 tspn of turmeric, and 2 tspn. white vinegar
  4. Pick topping: goat cheese, rawmesan or nutritional yeast blend (cow cheese is ok too but raw is the best)
  5. Pick grain: toast or any grain really (quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat)


Health Know Hows:

Tempeh and sprouted tofu are soy products that are actually easy to digest, so you wont get so gassy and bloated. Plus, soy is incredibly high in protein which we need for every function in our body and brain. Why this instead of eggs? Well, I could say a lot here but what I learned from working with many clients and health professionals is that most of us need more cleansing and less build up and egg whites are very sticky and hard to digest. Paul Pitchford and I watched many clients heal just from the elimination of eggs from their diets.


Veggies are the best source of minerals and antioxidants and all sorts of good fiber and more!  Plus, they are so low in their calorie count that you can eat tons of them with out a second thought. Ohh and they just taste so good. Every color in veggies has significance too so mix it up baby!


Turmeric is a powerful anti-nflamatory and helps with nearly every health condition you can imagine. Black pepper helps to activate the turmeric while its being cooked so it has a greater impact. Sea salt is the real stuff and still has minerals in it and in small amounts can be healthy but don’t mix salt and soy sauce or shoyu together. Soy sauce and shoyu (a fermented version of soy sauce that is a lot healthier and has less sodium) are great flavor enhancers but don’t do too much or you’ll start craving sweets and retain extra water. I’ll tell you more about that later or if you ask ;)


Goat cheese is easier to digest than cow cheese. Raw cheese is the best kind in both categories since it still contains all its natural health benefits that get eliminated when cheese is made from pasteurized milk. If you want to stay more on the vegan side of things rawmesan is an amazing and healthy alternative to cheese. If you are feeling congested don’t eat any dairy cause it creates more mucus in your body. The great thing about rawmesan or nutritional yeast is that its loaded with B vitamins which are essential to good health, high energy, mosquito protection, and stress levels.


Whole grains are super amazing for most people. They can help to regulate blood sugar and keep you full for hours. Quinoa is really high in protein. Buckwheat is a great gluten free alternative that lots of peeps forget about. There are soooo many options and more than enough time to try them all and see what feels great in your body. As with everything in life, too much of a good thing is not so good.  My favorite way to change it up is to sprout my grains first. I’ll talk all about sprouting in my next blog post so stay tuned.

Moroccan Lentil Stew

This dish was so delish! If you haven’t tried soaking raisins yet, you’ll be surprised at how much they can sweeten a whole meal!

Blonde Brownie Bites

As far as deserts go, this is one of the healthiest out there, and truly incredible. Of course, it’s still a desert, still a treat, and you shouldn’t eat it all in one serving. But, you don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying it.

  • High protein & low glycemic
  • Has all the goodness of coconut, which is known to help with things like inflammation, dementia and weight loss (and so much more).
  • Ghee (clarified butter) is considered a healing oil to ingest in small quantities on a regular basis, to keep your body healthy and lubricated.
  • Chocolate comes from a plant, and is most commonly known for soothing the inner beast (ie: it raises your serotonin levels) =)
  • Practically raw, no-bake (because it’s easier and preserves the health benefits of coconut)

World’s Best Kale Salad

Health Benefits

The cool colors of red kale and watermelon radish give you some great antioxidants that we don’t get too often in our diet. Plus, did you know that radish is a fat-fighting ninja? It’s true.

Flax seed oil and ground flax seed are the best oils to use when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight and feel light on your toes. It’s an omega fatty acid and high in fiber, both of which make your brain smarter. Omegas can help control ADHD, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure, regularity of your bowel movements, join inflammation, and probably help you grow wings. Plus, they taste good. Literally, fat makes your mouth water and makes your belly feel fully faster. So just eat them. =)

Nutritional yeast has lots of B-Vitamins and adds a great nutty, cheesy flavor that can’t be beat (unless you add beets of course).

We’ve all heard that carrots are great for eye sight, and also nice on the eyes and add a splash of color.

And raisins just taste good. Especially with carrots.

In Ayurveda, they suggest using many different flavors (six to be exact) in every meal in order to be fully in balance.

  1. sweet
  2. sour
  3. salty
  4. bitter
  5. astringent
  6. pungent

This salad covers them all. Personally, I felt satisfied and light after this meal and noticed I didn’t even need a sweet afterwards because I had those lovely raisins. Mmm mmm.

Creamy Garlic and Vegetables Pasta

Fresh, easy, healthy… scrumptious!

I was raised in a very italian family and we had pasta all the time. So when I need a comfort food, what do I turn to? Pasta. But to be honest, tomato sauce in a jar or can just doesn’t cut it. And I didn’t have hours to stew up a homemade pasta sauce. So I asked myself, “what other flavors might taste good on my favorite comfort food?” This is what I came up with, and it tasted GREAT!

Cooked tomatoes give you extra licopene, a super power anti-oxidant. Not to mention all the lovely health benefits that come with asparagus, such as an improved sex drive. Plus, with unrefined olive oil, you’re getting healthy heart benefits too. I never forget to leave out the good old immune-boosting cholesterol-lowering garlic from any pasta dish I create. And there’s the added bonus of the creamy texture of nutritional yeast that gives you loads of B-Vitamins.

Sprouted Lentil Curry Burgers

A new use for extra left over sprouts! A veggie burger that is both light and full of flavor. Plus, after eating this kind of burger you may notice that instead of the normal tired feeling most people get after eating a burger you will find yourself feeling uplifted, light, and energized!  This burger helps to lift your prana so you’ll have no trouble reaching new heights in your yoga or meditation practices.

Aphrodite’s Vanilla Pomagranite Dressing

Aphrodite-DressingMake your lover swoon with the scent of vanilla.  Pulse with desire from the richness of pomegranate and the power of maca.  Allow yourself to indulge your senses in this romantic balsamic affair.

Learn the art of this culinary seduction:

  • Chia seeds – rich in omega-3′s means your body is all oiled up and flowing more efficiently. Plus, they help cleanse your circulatory system so all your hormones go where they need to more effieintly.  If that wasn’t enough already, these mini seeds were used during endurance contests by South American Indians!  When they are first soaked the gelatinous chia helps to keep you extra hydrated so there is no need to break for anything.
  • Pomegranates – believed by the Greeks to be the culinary symbol for Aphrodite. Many believe that the forbidden apple in Eden was actually a pomegranate! In Chines weddings they serve pom seeds dusted with sugar to enhance fertility. AND…the Kama Sutra speaks highly of this fruit aiding the process of love making.
  • Vanilla – its the aroma of vanilla that leaves an impression before it even hits your tongue. The smell actaully triggers your hypothalamus, which controls memory and emotion, and creates the feelings of connection and comfort which are very important when you want to feel into your sensual side. It also can mildly stimulate your  nerves, making physical sensations feel ohh soo good.
  • Raw Honey – Considered the nectar of Aphrodite, it is created from the nectar of flowers, the symbol of sexual ripeness. Full of enzymes and nutrients, sticky and sweet, it makes your mouth water and your energy soar.
  • Ginger – when dried it is used to bring energy into the lower parts of your body such as your sexual organs. It increases your circulation and that heightens sensation.  Served pickled, candied or in the raw, ginger increases sensitivity in erogenous zones. Madame du Barry, a French legend, would serve ginger to her lovers. It was said to drive her lovers, which included Louis XV, to a state of complete and utter submissiveness.
  • Jalapeno – and other hot peppers have capsaicin, a chemical that increases circulation to get blood pumping and stimulates nerve endings so you’ll feel more turned on.
  • Maca-known to increase desire and fertility. It was once reserved only for the elite and royalty. It even boosts energy and tends to reduce the feelings of stress!

Aphrodite’s Chocolate Rose Salad

Aphrodite-SaladWhen the Goddess of Love & Beauty goes on a stroll down lover’s lane, you can bet she has nothing less than food fit for the gods packed for her picnic.  This luscious salad is filled with romance and all sorts of things to keep you and your loved one in the mood.

Click here to see a larger photo

Why this salad may become your favorite aphrodisiac:

  • Red leaf lettuce – known to have a mild sedative called lactucarium which relaxes the nerves while keeping your digestion high. We all know being relaxed is essential to being in the mood.
  • Cabbage - warming, moistening and improves digestion, alleviates depression, outer most leaves are high in vitamin E (E helps your body pump out hormones like testosterone and estrogen which stimulate body functions such as clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication).
  • Sprouts – hold the energy of new life and will help fill your body with the prana (or life force) and nutrients you need to procreate
  • Carrots – help to regulate all hormones in the body. Who doesn’t need that!
  • Beets – strengthens the heart, calms the spirit, improves circulation and can help with hormonal regulation (especially when combined with carrots), helps with any nervous tensions in the body.
  • Figs – this soft, plump fruit is a delightful source of iron and potassium-minerals your body depends on when in the horizontal pas de deux.
  • Chocolate - contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that reaches peak levels in the brain during orgasm. It also triggers the release of endorphins, your “feel good” chemicals.
  • Edible flowers – do I have to say anything? Not only do they taste delish but they are literally the most open expression of sexuality, pro-creativity, and creativity that nature has to share. Plus, flower make everything more romantic.

Homemade Fig Dressing

I just whipped up this tasty fig dressing to go with a smoked cheddar goat cheese and sietan unbacon salad.  It was like gourmet had met my kitchen in only a few minutes of prep time.  You have to try this one!


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